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Office of Research

Office for Research is responsible for the management of research plan, project, and achievement, academic exchange, research units, and innovation team. Specially,

1. Research Planning: Compiles University's research plan and drafts annual research plan, coordinates, implements and supervise the planning process.

2. Regulation Implementation: Formulates and revise the rules and regulations for managing scientific research, promotes the institutionalization and standardization of research management; and enhances the promotion and implementation of the system.

3. Project Management: Organizes research projects, promotes the application, initiate mid-term inspection, and collect research findings; signs contracts for research projects.

4. Achievements Management: Assists the declaration of awards for outstanding research; manages funds for publishing University's academic works; summarizes research achievements, audits and releases research awards, and selects awardees and so on.

5. Fund Management: Initiates the annual budget for research; manages constantly seeks research funds.

6. Research Institutes Management: Manages the key research bases of humanities and social science in Shaanxi Province (college level); manages, inspects and evaluates existing research institutes school wide.

7. Innovation Team Management: Manages research innovation teams; applies for provincial research innovation team and establishes peer-review expert base from other schools.

8. Information Management: Maintains the website of the Office and information system for research, as well as the official WeChat account; maintains electronic and physical archives of research achievements.

9. Research Training: Trains and guide liaison personnel of individual department/schools; trains researchers with skills of project application, research methods, and manuscript submission and so on; trains staff to improve their professionalism.

10. Others: Serves as advisor for school administrators and relevant departments/schools to provide advice and fulfil other assignments.


Contact: Wang Juan

Tel: 86-029-85319350

E-mail: keyanchu@xisu.edu.cn